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Monthly Archives: April 2021


Can Dashboard Cams Be Used as Evidence in Personal Injury Lawsuits?

By Needle Law Firm |

Strong evidence is very important if you want to receive a fair, adequate settlement in a personal injury lawsuit after a car crash. While many individuals rely on witness testimony, police reports, and other forms of evidence, a dashcam represents a unique prospect. If you have footage of the accident that caused your injuries,… Read More »

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My Child Was Injured Due to Icy Conditions at a Pennsylvania School. What Now?

By Needle Law Firm |

Seeing your child seriously injured is one of the most frightening things any parent can go through. While your first concern might be to help him receive necessary medical treatment, you might also be considering who was responsible. In the winter months, schools in Pennsylvania often deal with considerable levels of snow and ice…. Read More »

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Can You Still File a Personal Injury Claim if You Were Trespassing in Pennsylvania?

By Needle Law Firm |

Injuries can happen when we least expect them. If you were injured while trespassing in Pennsylvania, you might be wondering if you can still file a personal injury claim and gain compensation. You may not have been aware that you were trespassing at the time, and you might think that it’s unreasonable for the… Read More »

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