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Monthly Archives: July 2021


Is My Will Safe After I Pass?

By Needle Law Firm |

When people write wills in Pennsylvania, they obviously want to feel reassured that it will be respected after their passing. But could your will actually be altered unlawfully? Could your child somehow change the wording of the will and bend it to their own desires? This is obviously a terrible scenario, but it’s worth… Read More »

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Who Is To Blame For The Forever Chemicals Found In Berks County Drinking Water?

By Needle Law Firm |

So-called “forever chemicals” have been detecting in drinking water throughout Berks County, and residents are understandably concerned. These days, most people are very much aware of how dangerous these chemicals can be. This is due to the widespread controversy surrounding Teflon products and the release of films like Dark Waters. It seems unthinkable that… Read More »

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Could Increased Extreme Weather Increase the Danger of Slips and Falls in Pennsylvania?

By Needle Law Firm |

Slips and falls represent one of the greatest health risks to the population of Pennsylvania, especially for our valued elderly population. A seemingly innocuous slip can result in a wide range of health concerns, including fractured bones and head injuries. These injuries can result in significant complications, such as infections, brain damage, and even… Read More »

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Can I Sue for Injuries Sustained on a Pennsylvania Golf Course?

By Needle Law Firm |

Many individuals in Pennsylvania pass the time by enjoying a good old-fashioned game of golf. While this sport is generally viewed as far less dangerous than many others, hazards still exist. This is especially true when you consider the various risk factors that exist on a typical golf course, such as malfunctioning golf carts… Read More »

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