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Monthly Archives: June 2022


Can You Sue A Car Manufacturer For Mechanical Issues?

By Needle Law Firm |

For most people, a broken-down car is simply an expensive nuisance. For others, these mechanical failures can represent genuine safety hazards. In some situations, mechanical defects can lead to injuries or even deaths. So what happens when you become injured by a vehicle you believe to be defective in some way? Who will pay… Read More »

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Suing For Burn Injuries In Pennsylvania

By Needle Law Firm |

Suffering serious burns can be a life-changing experience for victims in Pennsylvania. These injuries can be incredibly painful, and in fact some say that a severe burn is one of the most painful things you can possibly feel. Burn injuries can also be debilitating, leaving you bedridden for months while your skin slowly heals…. Read More »

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Which Implants Can Result In A Medical Malpractice Claim?

By Needle Law Firm |

Implants may be surgically installed in human bodies for a variety of reasons. Some are purely cosmetic, while others are designed to keep people alive. While medical technology has advanced considerably over the years, the sad truth is that human error can often lead to serious consequences. When it comes to implants, these errors… Read More »

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