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Can A Slip And Fall End Your Career?


If you have suffered a fall-related injury in Pennsylvania, you might be wondering how this will affect your future. Medical expenses may be excessive, but you might incur even further losses in the next few years. What if your fall prevents you from working? What if your fall-related injuries are so severe and disabling that you can never work again? This is a legitimate possibility even after a minor fall.

The Consequences of Your Fall Depend on Your Profession 

To determine how your fall might affect your career, you need to consider your specific profession. Some careers may be more affected by falls than others. For example, your job might be quite physical. Perhaps you’re a construction worker, a warehouse worker, or a railway worker. Maybe you lift heavy items all day. Perhaps you walk up and down streets as a postal worker. All of these physical jobs can prove impossible after a particularly bad fall.

Even if you can walk or lift objects after your fall, your career might still be over. For example, you might be a professional dancer or theater actor. Perhaps you provide motion-capture footage for animation studios. These types of jobs require fluid, smooth motions that may be impossible after a bad fall. With spinal injuries, torn ligaments, and lingering stiffness, your artistic career as a physical performer might be over.

A sedentary office worker might also find it impossible to continue after a slip and fall. Perhaps you fell back and struck your head on a concrete sidewalk. The resulting traumatic brain injury may lead to cognitive decline, memory issues, and various psychological impairments. It may be impossible to focus. You may completely lose the ability to type on a computer, and you might even forget how to use certain software.

How Do I Get Compensation for Future Missed Wages After a Fall in Pennsylvania? 

Do not accept an early settlement offer after a slip and fall in Pennsylvania. Instead, take the time to assess how your fall will affect your career. Discuss this subject with both your doctors and your injury lawyers. Wait till you reach your Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) before calculating long-term losses. Your doctors can help you understand how your fall injuries might prevent you from earning income. It is important to pursue maximum compensation if you suffer a potentially career-ending injury. 

Work with a Qualified Slip-and-Fall Lawyer in Pennsylvania 

One of the most effective ways to assess the consequences of your injuries is to speak with a lawyer. These legal professionals can determine how your fall might affect your career. After a consultation, they can also help you pursue compensation for your missed wages. Online research only gets you so far, and personal injury lawyers in Scranton are ready to help you take the next few steps. Reach out to The Needle Law Firm today to get started.




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