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Scranton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Like other motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents are sometimes caused by negligence or by the use of a defective product. If another person—such as a car driver or a pedestrian—caused the accident by acting negligently, and a motorcycle rider was injured as a result, the injured rider may be able to get compensation for his or her pain and suffering, medical bills, the cost of future medical care that might be required, lost wages and/or loss of earning power, and more. Contact our experienced Scranton motorcycle accident lawyers for more information.

In determining whether a person was negligent, the question is whether he or she acted as a reasonable person would have under the same circumstances. If not, then that person acted negligently and would be legally responsible (i.e. “liable”) for the injuries caused by his or her actions.

In turn, a rider whose motorcycle accident was caused by a defectively manufactured or designed product would be able to seek compensation from the people or companies that manufactured, supplied, repaired, or maintained that product. In either situation, the injured victim would have to prove that the accident caused his or her injuries, as well as the extent of the injuries.

Under Pennsylvania’s Comparative Negligence Act, a plaintiff who was partly at fault in an accident that injured him or her may still be able to get partial compensation for the resulting injuries. Doctrines such as “assumption of risk” may, however, prevent recovery entirely. Therefore, if you or someone you love has been injured in a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident, it is important that you discuss the particular circumstances of your case with an experienced personal injury attorney, even if you have already been contacted by an insurance company representative. That same is true if you have lost a family member to such an accident, and you are considering a wrongful death claim.

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