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Kingston Personal Injury Lawyer

Flashy TV and other advertisements imply that an insurance company is “on your side” in the wake of an injury accident. That’s not true. Quite simply, insurance companies lose money when they pay claims and make money when they collect premiums. No company likes losing money. As for premiums, insurance companies earn over $1 trillion per year. So, they have plenty of resources with which to refute your injury claim, no matter how valid it is.

Insurance company lawyers only care about their employers’ bottom lines. In contrast, the Kingston personal injury lawyers at The Needle Law Firm only care about victims. So, we hit the ground running the moment you reach out to us. We quickly and thoroughly evaluate your case. Then, we collect evidence that supports your claims and refutes insurance company defenses. Once we have this strong foundation in place, we are well-positioned to obtain maximum compensation for your serious injuries.

Kinds of Personal Injuries

Vehicle collisions, falls, and unintentional poisonings are the most common causes of injury-related death in Pennsylvania.

Although today’s cars and trucks are a little safer today than they were in the 1990s, modern vehicles are much faster and bigger than they were back in the day. As a result, serious injuries, such as head injuries, are very common, even in relatively low-speed collisions. Doctors and physical therapists can address head injury symptoms, but the injuries themselves are permanent. Dead brain cells never regenerate.

Falls are especially common in retail stores, like supermarkets, and nursing homes. Since most retail stores depend heavily on foot traffic, lots of people come and go. Many retailers don’t have the staff to ensure that their inside floors and outside walkways are reasonably safe, especially in the winter. Understaffing also causes many nursing home falls. Most of these facilities barely have enough workers to maintain minimum service levels. Resident safety is an expensive afterthought.

Unintentional poisonings, mostly drug overdoses, were almost unheard of before 2010. Today, these incidents injure and kill as many people as vehicle collisions. Our Kingston personal injury lawyers routinely deal with these complex cases.

Other kinds of personal injuries include medical negligence-related injuries, on-the-job injuries, and large vehicle accidents, like bus and train accidents.

How to Find the Right Kingston Personal Injury Lawyer

Negligence cases don’t “blame” anyone for anything. Instead, these cases force tortfeasors (negligent actors) to face the consequences of the mistakes they make. Pennsylvania would be a better place to live if we all were willing to face the music.

So, it’s important to pursue an injury claim in court. It’s even more important to find the right attorney. Some qualities to look for include:

  • Dedication: Personal injury is a unique area of law. Your attorney should focus on these claims, not do a few on the side, mostly for friends and family.
  • Experience: In addition to years of practice experience, your attorney should have some trial experience. Victims don’t want lawyers who always look for an easy way out.
  • Accessibility: When you have questions about your case, your lawyer, and not a non-legal assistant, should be available to answer them. These responses should also come promptly.

Only the best personal injury attorney obtains maximum compensation in court. This compensation usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

Occupational Diseases

Many personal injuries, especially job injuries, occur slowly over time. Hearing loss, a condition that affects over eight million Americans, may be the best example. Frequently, workplaces like large warehouses aren’t noisy enough to trigger mandatory hearing protection requirements. However, they are noisy enough to cause hearing damage slowly over time.

Hearing loss also causes emotional injuries. These victims often withdraw from family and friends. This withdrawal often causes deep depression.

If doctors detect hearing loss soon enough, this condition is relatively easy to treat. In more advanced cases, the only treatment option is risky and invasive eardrum surgery. Many people, mostly due to age or pre-existing condition, are not candidates for such radical procedures.

Generally, workers’ compensation covers job-related injuries. Available benefits include lost wage replacement and medical bill payment. Kingston personal injury lawyers have additional legal options in some cases.

Trauma Injuries

Other personal injuries, such as car crash injuries, occur suddenly and without warning. Vehicle collisions usually aren’t “accidents.” Driver error causes over 98 percent of the vehicle collisions in Pennsylvania. These incidents often cause injuries like:

  • Head Injuries: Airbags and head restraints prevent some, but not all, head injuries. A head slamming into an airbag is like a head slamming into a pillow that’s attached to a brick wall. Likewise, head restraints don’t protect victims from whiplash, a serious head-neck injury. Almost any sudden motion could cause this wound.
  • Broken Bones: Shattered arm and leg bones are especially common in vehicle collision matters. Usually, arms and legs slam against dashboards and other solid objects. Generally, doctors must use metal parts to surgically reconstruct these shattered bones. As a result, physical therapy is extra long, extra painful, and extra expensive.
  • Internal Injuries: Exsanguination (excessive blood loss) is often the official cause of death in car crash cases. Internal organs have no skin. Therefore, slight abrasions bleed badly. In fact, most victims are on the edge of hypovolemic shock and organ shutdown by the time emergency responders arrive.

At The Needle Law Firm, we also handle premises liability matters, like dog bites, swimming pool drownings, and falls.

Connect With a Tough Luzerne County Personal Injury Lawyer

Before they partner with attorneys, accident victims are at the mercy of greedy insurance companies and busy doctors. Adjusters and lawyers look for ways to rescue or deny compensation to victims. Meanwhile, these victims must see well-meaning doctors who may or may not fully understand their physical and emotional injuries. Perhaps more importantly, unrepresented victims face a very uncertain future.

A Kingston personal injury lawyer from The Needle Law Firm is a game changer. Our professional team quickly and diligently builds a case that ensures maximum compensation for yoru serious injuries. Furthermore, we connect victims with doctors who focus on injury-related conditions. Normally, these physicians charge nothing upfront for their professional services. Finally, when their cases go to court, victims are certain that they have a tough fighter in their corner.

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