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Stroudsburg Child Injury Lawyer

Children are curious, adventurous, and known for getting into things that they shouldn’t. And while there is no doubt that a child’s mischievous, competitive, or rowdy nature may sometimes result in injuries, sometimes, a child is a victim of injuries through no choice or fault of their own. If you are the parent of a child who has been seriously injured, our Stroudsburg child injury lawyers at the Needle Law Firm may be able to help your family.

Types of Child Injuries

Children are just as at-risk of being involved in certain accident types as are adults, if not more so depending upon the specifics of the accident. Types of accidents that can lead to child injuries include car accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, sports accidents, dog bites and attacks, accidents on dangerous premises, medical malpractice/birthing errors, bus accidents, school ground accidents, and more.

These accidents can lead to serious child harm which sometimes has long-term effects. Child injuries that are serious and may warrant a conversation with a lawyer include:

  • Birthing injuries, including brachial plexus injuries, cerebral palsy, and more;
  • Traumatic brain injuries -a child’s brain is still developing, and when it is impacted, the effects can be severe;
  • Spine and spinal cord injuries;
  • Bone fracture injuries;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Scarring, laceration, and disfigurement injuries; and
  • Soft tissue injuries.

Many times, when a child is involved in a traumatic event, they will also suffer psychological injuries.

Who’s Liable for Harm Caused to a Child?

Children are rarely held “liable” for the injuries that they incur – in fact, even when a child is trespassing, the doctrine of attractive nuisance recognizes that children lack the ability to make rational decisions about potential hazards, and therefore hold property owners liable for injuries to children that occur as the result of an “attractive” and dangerous condition, such as a swimming pool.

If your child has been harmed and you think that someone else was to blame, you may be able to hold the at-fault party liable if you can prove that your child’s injuries would not have occurred but for defendant’s unreasonable and negligent actions.

Damages in a Child Injuries Case

When seeking damages in a child injury case, compensation for current and future losses must be considered. For example, if a child is injured to the point where they will be unable to work and earn an income in the future due to severe disability, compensation should be paid for the loss of their earning potential and potential lost wages. Our lawyers can assist you in calculating damages and understanding the amount your family deserves.

Please Call Us Today

At the Needle Law Firm, our Stroudsburg child injury lawyers know how sensitive claims involving children can be. If your child has been harmed, your family deserves an advocate on your side who will work hard for you. For a free consultation with our lawyers, please call us today or send us a message directly.

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