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Stroudsburg Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

When you are injured because of another party’s negligence, you can pursue monetary compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. After you file your claim, the negligent party’s insurance provider must investigate the claim and determine an appropriate compensation package for you. Your role in this process is to prove your claim’s validity by providing a sufficient level of evidence to illustrate what happened and how the negligent acts caused your injury and related damages.

Insurance providers want to pay out as little compensation as possible to injured claimants. The insurance provider will give you an initial lowball settlement offer and often, the only way to reach an appropriate settlement is through negotiation. When an insurance provider blatantly fails to investigate a claim or consider the evidence provided, they have acted in bad faith and may be liable for the victim’s damages related to this action. Reach out to our Stroudsburg insurance bad faith lawyers for assistance. We are here to fight for your case.

What is an Act of Bad Faith in Insurance?

Insurance providers have the contractual obligation to handle each claim submitted fairly and in accordance with both Pennsylvania law and the insured’s policy. Put more simply, insurance providers are legally required to make a good faith effort to handle each claim appropriately and in compliance with the law and their own industry standards. Failure to do so is considered an act of bad faith, and it can cost victims large amounts of money.

Examples of instances of insurance bad faith are:

  • Failure to thoroughly investigate a submitted claim;
  • Refusing to pay an appropriate compensation amount despite the claim being valid;
  • Failure to adequately communicate with the insured party about the claim;
  • Denying a claim for an unreasonable reason; and
  • Using litigation to circumvent its duties to the insured and/or the claimant.

How you Can Suffer from an Act of Insurance Bad Faith

When you are injured through an act of negligence, you can face high medical bills, emotional trauma, lost wages, and additional damages. Denial of your claim can keep you from recovering this compensation and in some cases, push you past Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits.

By filing a bad faith insurance claim, you can recover monetary compensation for your injury-related damages as well as punitive damages from the insurance provider. Additionally, you can recover compensation for your lawyer and court costs incurred by filing the bad faith claim.

Our Team of Stroudsburg Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help you Recover Compensation for your Damages

If your personal injury claim was denied for an invalid reason, you can lose out on the compensation you need and deserve to cover your injury-related losses. Do not allow an insurer’s failure to handle your claim appropriately keep you from recovering the compensation you need. Instead, consider filing a bad faith insurance claim with the aid of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Contact our team at Needle Law Firm today to schedule your initial legal compensation in our office to determine the most appropriate way to proceed with your claim.

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