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Scranton Personal Injury Lawyer > Tractor Trailer Accident

Scranton Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Tractor trailers are a common sight on Pennsylvania roadways. These truck drivers have an important job as they get their cargo from Point A to Point B. However, these large trucks are prone to serious crashes and the victims are often those in much smaller passenger vehicles.

Tractor trailers can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. That’s a lot bigger than the average passenger vehicle. As such, it’s important to stay safe and drive defensively around these large trucks. Crashes with these large trucks are no laughing matter.

If you have been a victim, you are likely dealing with permanent injuries. Get the help you need from the Scranton tractor trailer accident lawyers from Needle Law Firm. We can help you with physical and financial recovery.

Causes of Tractor Trailer Crashes

Tractor trailer accidents can happen due to the following:

  • Not staying in the lane. More than 30% of truck accidents are caused by the truck traveling over the center line or going off the road.
  • Loss of control. Speeding and similar issues that result in loss of control cause roughly 29% of truck accidents.
  • Not paying attention. Not paying attention to the roadway causes 28% of accidents.
  • Driver nonperformance. Issues with the driver cause 12% of accidents. These issues include fatigue, being ill, and being intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
  • Problems with the truck. Ten percent of truck accidents involve an issue with the truck, such as mechanical issues or loading errors.

Why You Need a Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a tractor trailer accident, seek legal help right away. Here’s how a lawyer can help:

  • Collect evidence. Trucking companies work quickly to remove evidence. That’s why you need a lawyer on your side to investigate your case. Your lawyer can collect evidence regarding the truck driver’s qualifications, the truck’s black box, and the trucking company’s insurance carrier.
  • Determine liability. More than one party may be liable for your damages. These include the truck driver, trucking company, owner of the truck, loading company, and truck manufacturer. Your lawyer can determine who is at fault.
  • Identify damages. If you suffered serious injuries and require long-term care, you will need to get adequate compensation. Your lawyer can assess your damages.
  • Follow applicable rules and processes. There are state laws and federal regulations that will guide your case. Plus, there are legal processes involved for submitting documentation. Your lawyer will help you with all this so you can focus on recovery.

Contact Needle Law Firm Today

Tractor trailer accidents can be caused by a variety of factors. When they do occur, they can be catastrophic and even fatal.

Your crash has likely left you with life-changing injuries. Get the compensation you need to recover with help from the Scranton tractor trailer accident lawyers at Needle Law Firm. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about your legal rights and options. Call us at (570) 344-1266 or fill out the online form. 

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