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Monthly Archives: September 2020


Truck Accident in Pennsylvania: Suing the Driver vs. Trucking Company

By Needle Law Firm |

After a truck accident in Scranton or other parts of Pennsylvania, injured victims may wonder whether they should sue the trucker or the trucking company that owns or operates the vehicle involved in the crash. In many cases, the right decision would be to bring a personal injury claim against both. It is advised… Read More »

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3 Common Types of Preventable Birth Injuries

By Needle Law Firm |

A birth injury refers to an injury suffered by a baby before childbirth, during labor or delivery, or immediately after the birthing process. Depending on the type of birth injury, it can cause life-long disabilities or limitations. While some birth injuries lead to temporary health problems, others are more permanent in their nature. While… Read More »

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How and Who Will Pay Your Medical Bills After a Car Accident in Pennsylvania?

By Needle Law Firm |

As medical bills continue to mount following a car crash, you have plenty of things to worry about: getting medical care, worrying about your inability to earn a living, paying for your medical expenses… But who is going to pay your medical bills after a car accident in Pennsylvania? Will Your Auto Insurance Cover… Read More »

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Can You Sue a Government Entity for Your Personal Injury in Pennsylvania?

By Needle Law Firm |

In Pennsylvania, the vast majority of personal injury claims are made against persons and private entities. But what happens if your accident involves a government entity? Can you sue a government worker or agency in Pennsylvania to obtain compensation for your damages? For instance, if you were hit by an individual driving a government… Read More »

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