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Scranton Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Child Injuries > Pennsylvania Hospital Pays $32.5 Million In Birth Injury Settlement

Pennsylvania Hospital Pays $32.5 Million In Birth Injury Settlement


Birth injuries in Pennsylvania are extremely difficult for families to process. This type of medical malpractice completely prevents your child from ever experiencing a normal life. From the very moment they enter the world, they are confronted with injuries, pain, and inexcusable negligence from the so-called medical professionals entrusted with their care. A recent settlement in Pennsylvania provides hope for families affected by birth injuries. However, no amount of money will ever take back the permanent harm caused by medical malpractice.

Family Accepts $32.5 Million Settlement for Infant Brain Injury 

In April of 2024, the Reading Eagle reported that a family in Pennsylvania had accepted a $32.5 million settlement for their son’s birth injury. In their medical malpractice lawsuit, the family accused doctors of failing to prevent the boy from suffering permanent brain damage. They say that the brain damage occurred due to insufficient oxygen supply to the brain.

The family’s lawyers argued that the doctors saw clear signs of an intra-amniotic infection during labor. Despite these early warning signs, however, none of the staff at Reading Hospital administered antibiotics. As labor continued, staff continued to observe signs of alarm. Monitors chimed out warnings indicating fetal distress. Instead of starting an early delivery to ensure the child’s safety, however, the medical team delayed action.

As a result of these circumstances, the child was born with permanent neurological injuries. He is now five years old, and he has yet to speak. He allegedly requires 24-hour care and supervision, which prevents the mother from earning any income. Part of the multi-million-dollar settlement will undoubtedly cover a lifetime of lost wages, as the child will likely require assistance throughout his life.

After issuing the settlement, Reading Hospital also released a statement stressing their “value and respect” for the family – while simultaneously denying any liability or fault. According to the statement, the hospital chose to issue the settlement to “avoid a protracted public trial and the potential distress it could cause all parties.”

Suing for Birth Asphyxia in Pennsylvania

If you believe your child suffered brain damage because of medical malpractice, you can potentially sue for birth asphyxia. Although many doctors say this type of injury occurs through no fault of their own, a range of negligence makes it more likely. A birth injury lawyer in Pennsylvania can investigate your situation in more detail and uncover potential signs of negligence.

Take Legal Action With Pennsylvania Birth Injury Lawyers

If your infant or significant other was harmed during pregnancy or labor, you have every right to sue. Contact experienced Scranton birth injury lawyers to discuss your next move. The Needle Law Firm has spent years advocating for the rights of injured patients – including the youngest members of society. Reach out today to get started with an action plan.




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