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Pursuing Compensation For “Invisible Injuries” In Pennsylvania


Many accidents lead to invisible injuries in Pennsylvania. If you have suffered one of these injuries, you might be the only one who understands how difficult your situation really is. People can clearly see the effects of a facial scar or a broken bone, but more subtle injuries can fall completely under the radar. As many victims know, an injury may be incredibly serious – even if no one can see it. How do you pursue compensation for these types of invisible injuries in Pennsylvania? 

Examples of Invisible Injuries 

There are many examples of invisible injuries to consider. Perhaps the most obvious is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). For the casual observer, a TBI patient might seem completely normal. However, their brain injury may be affecting them in a number of unseen ways. For example, TBI patients frequently experience behavioral and personality changes. Only people who know the patient well notice these changes. Brain injuries can also lead to cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, social withdrawal, and many other subtle effects.

Psychological injuries are also inherently invisible. After a car accident, you might heal from fractures and lacerations within a few months. However, you may continue to struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for many years to come. Average people may not be aware of your symptoms – including nightmares and flashbacks.

Some physical injuries are also difficult to see. For example, you might have suffered internal organ damage after a particularly bad fall. Perhaps you broke a few ribs or damaged your lungs. Despite the physical nature of these injuries, the casual observer cannot easily see them. 

The Importance of Medical Treatment 

Medical treatment is always important after suffering injuries. From a purely logical perspective, you should prioritize your health. Even if treatment seems costly, your well-being is more important than money. From a legal perspective, medical treatment is also crucial. Without medical treatment, there will be no medical record of your injuries. This will make it difficult to prove their existence in court.

Medical treatment is even more important for invisible injuries. As you fight for compensation, your medical records will negate any scrutiny you face. Medical experts may also provide statements on your behalf. These experts can explain that even though you seem unscathed from the outside, you are actually suffering from severe injuries.

A particularly important step is medical imaging. CT scans can show the true extent of your brain injuries. Other forms of medical imaging, such as ultrasounds or MRIs, can illustrate other internal injuries that may be difficult to see from the outside. To determine the correct form of medical imaging for your specific injury, speak with a medical professional. 

The Importance of Working with a Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer 

The Needle Law Firm understands how serious invisible injuries can be. We’re here to help – whether you have suffered a head injury, a psychological injury, internal organ damage, or any other issue. While pursuing compensation for invisible injuries can be difficult, you can overcome these challenges with help from a Scraton personal injury lawyer. Book your consultation today to get started.




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