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Negligent Drivers Face Consequences In Pennsylvania


It is always encouraging to see that the most serious acts of negligence among Pennsylvania motorists come with clear consequences. A number of recent reports show that prosecutors in the Keystone State are perfectly willing to hold negligent drivers accountable for the irreparable harm they cause to innocent victims and their families. But no matter how serious criminal consequences are, they cannot cure injuries – and they certainly cannot bring back deceased victims of auto accidents. For many families, the pursuit of a personal injury lawsuit represents the only genuine route to justice.

School Bus Driver Fired and Charged for December Crash 

On January 11th of 2023, it was announced that the driver of a school bus had been fired and charged with various traffic offenses. This comes after an official investigation by Bradford City Police and Pennsylvania State Police into a December crash. Law enforcement officials say that this driver “failed to keep right,” and that she also exhibited clear signs of careless driving. With the conclusion of the investigation, the Bradford Area School District decided to terminate the driver from her position.

The accident in question involved almost 30 elementary school students. By some miracle, none of these children were hurt after the bus driver veered onto the sidewalk and crashed into a utility pole. The school district later announced that this represented “incompetency,” “neglect of duty,” and “improper conduct.”

At the very least, this bus driver will not have the opportunity to put children in danger again (at least not in this State). However, one has to wonder whether the school district should accept at least some of the blame for its hiring practices. It is no secret that school bus operators represent the “bottom of the barrel” in terms of commercial drivers – and these individuals often drive school buses after failing to secure higher-paying employment in areas like trucking or delivery.

Former State Trooper Denied Bail for DUI Crash 

Another “professional” in Pennsylvania was also recently accused of criminal wrongdoing in connection with a crash. This was a retired State Trooper who crashed back in November, causing the death of a 23-year-old. It was later reported that he was intoxicated at the time of the accident. While he initially pleaded not guilty, State Troopers eventually agreed to submit his records to the court. These records obviously raised some eyebrows, because the ex-trooper was immediately re-arrested and subsequently denied bail.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Injury Attorney in Scranton 

If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced Scranton personal injury attorney, look no further than the Needle Law Firm. While criminal penalties may lead to some sense of closure for victims of negligent drivers, these penalties almost always fail to provide any financial relief. This is often the top priority for families struggling with unpaid medical costs, missed wages, and funeral expenses. Reach out today to discuss the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit in more detail.




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