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Scranton Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Auto Accident > Semi-Truck Barrels Through Vehicles On Snowy Pennsylvania Road, Killing Five

Semi-Truck Barrels Through Vehicles On Snowy Pennsylvania Road, Killing Five


Semi-trucks pose a particularly serious threat to motorists during winter months in Pennsylvania. This was made abundantly clear after a trucker recently barreled through a crowd of pedestrians on a snowy highway, causing five fatalities. Information about this incident is still emerging, but we know that all five victims came from the same family. If your loved one lost their life in a preventable semi-truck accident in Pennsylvania, you may be wondering about the potential for legal action.

Five Women Killed After Semi-Truck Collision 

On January 17th of 2024, various sources reported a mass-casualty incident on I-81 near Scranton. According to these reports, five women from New York State were killed after being struck by a semi-truck. Four of the victims were traveling in the same vehicle, and all five were from the same family.

It is worth noting that the semi-truck did not strike any vehicle. It seems as though four of the victims had been involved in a prior accident, causing them to exit their minivan. A fifth individual who had been following in a separate vehicle also exited on foot and joined their relatives. It was at this point that all five women were struck by an incoming semi-truck.

It is not clear what caused the collision, but various reports highlighted the presence of snow. These weather conditions made the highway very slippery, and this is something that many other truckers in the area were aware of. However, it is impossible to tell whether the trucker lost control of their vehicle prior to hitting the victims on foot.

A subsequent report seems to suggest that the people on foot were standing “on the interstate,” although it is not exactly clear where they were situated in the moments prior to the collision. They could have been standing in the shoulder, or they may have been standing in the middle of the road. It is also unclear whether the disabled vehicles had their hazard lights flashing.

All of these factors may help determine if any fault or negligence led to this crash. Police are currently conducting an investigation into this incident, and criminal charges are certainly possible. The surviving relatives of the victims may also wish to pursue their own investigations into the incident with help from personal injury attorneys in Scranton.

Whatever the case may be, this incident highlights the dangerous nature of both the trucking industry and snowy weather conditions in Pennsylvania. When combined, these two hazards can often lead to catastrophic consequences.

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