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Monthly Archives: March 2023


The Most Important Elder Law Issues Facing Pennsylvania Seniors Today

By Needle Law Firm |

As some of the most vulnerable members of society, seniors in Pennsylvania face dangers from a number of different sources. Whether you have an elderly family member living in a nursing home or you’re aging in place, sometimes it seems like everyone is out to get you. But what are some of the most… Read More »

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Dump Truck Driver Arrested After Killing Pregnant Woman And Unborn Child

By Needle Law Firm |

Losing a loved one in a Pennsylvania truck accident is bad enough. But what happens if that family member was also carrying an unborn child? In this situation, you essentially lose an entire family – and a future of priceless moments that you’ll never get to experience. Unfortunately, these crashes are somewhat common in… Read More »

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Can You Sue After Being Assaulted By A Shoplifter In Pennsylvania?

By Needle Law Firm |

You’re minding your own business at your favorite clothing store when you see a fellow shopper sneak a garment into their bag without paying. Your mouth hangs open in disbelief, and you feel frozen with shock at the crime you’ve just witnessed. Finally, you gather up the courage to confront the shoplifter. But as… Read More »

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