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Full Tort/Limited Tort and Pennsylvania Auto Accident


When purchasing motor vehicle accident in Pennsylvania, you may purchase either Full Tort coverage or Limited Tort coverage. If you purchase Limited Tort coverage, your right to recover damages in a motor vehicle accident may be severely impaired regardless of who is at fault for the accident. Often times your insurance agent will not clearly explain the difference in Full Tort coverage and Limited Tort coverage to you, and may not even completely understand the legal significance of the difference in the 2 types of coverage. If you purchase your motor vehicle insurance online you will not get a description of the differences in the 2 types of coverage.

If you want to wrap your mind around these regulations and rules, you should team up with a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. These legal professionals can help you determine whether or not your injury is considered “serious.” They can also guide you through virtually every aspect of your personal injury claim and escalate matters to a lawsuit if necessary.

What Constitutes a “Serious Injury” in Pennsylvania?

The exact definition of a “serious injury” is somewhat vague in Pennsylvania. On the one hand, this can be problematic. The insurance adjuster is unlikely to inform you whether your injury qualifies as “serious,” and you have to determine whether you fall into this category by yourself. On the other hand, this vague definition gives your attorney significant room for interpretation. In other words, your lawyer can argue that a number of different injuries could theoretically be classified as “serious.”

The definition of serious injury is Death, Serious Cosmetic Disfigurement (a scar or deformity), or Serious Impairment of and Important Bodily Function.

Additional Considerations

There are a number of additional considerations that may be considered when determining whether an injury is serious. These include:

  • The extent of your impairment
  • How long you have been dealing with the impairment
  • The level of medical treatment you need

In addition, the court will consider any other factors that you believe to be relevant. In the end, the definition of a serious injury in Pennsylvania is quite open-ended. One noteworthy detail is the fact that your impairment doesn’t necessarily need to be permanent in order to be considered serious. Generally speaking, serious injuries must exist for an extended period of time, and they must impact your normal daily activities in a substantial manner.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney As Soon As Possible 

Whether your injury is serious or relatively minor, you always need the assistance of a dependable personal injury attorney to approach the situation in an efficient manner. If you’re looking for an experienced, qualified Northeastern Pennsylvania  personal injury lawyer, look no further than Needle Law Firm. We’ll fight for your rights, and we’ll help you receive the compensation that you deserve.




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