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Maintain Your Vehicle and Decrease Your Risk of a Motor Vehicle Accident in Pennsylvania

Each year throughout Pennsylvania, motor vehicle accidents result in serious injuries and deaths. The changing seasons provide a great opportunity to look at the effects that the winter months can have on your car. While we often pursue our daily routines without thinking of potential car trouble, it is important to make time for car maintenance. The dependability and safety of your vehicle increase when you maintain your vehicle.

Avoid Potential Accidents by Equipping Your Vehicle to Handle Road Hazards

When we take care of our vehicles, we reduce the risk of accidents on the road, which we may later be held liable for if injuries result. Our tires are the first line of defense when it comes to avoiding a car accident. By inspecting tires, we can avoid problems that might cause a blowout or lead to losing control of the car. Tire inflation pressure drops in cold weather, and under-inflation is dangerous because it causes increased tread wear on the edges of the tire, increasing the risk of tire failure.

Looking at a tire will not indicate whether it needs air. Some newer vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitors. Others require the use of a reliable gauge to test and then adjust to the proper pressure. The owner’s manual or the driver’s side door has the magic number, since the inflation pressure stamped on the sidewall of a tire is the “maximum” pressure rather than the “recommended” pressure.

Tires must also be examined for uneven or unusual wear. If your tires are worn down to the wear on the tread, or are more than six years old, they should be replaced. A car with insufficient tread on the tires is susceptible to hydroplaning in wet weather.

Brakes are another essential vehicle component that must be addressed because they are important to basic safety. Brake shoes and pads, as well as components, have a limit to their service life. Signs that you should have your brakes inspected are when the brake pedal feels spongy or low, when the brakes pull to one side, or when noises appear when you apply the brakes. Also, check the level of brake fluid. It is important to see a mechanic if you require more than a top off.

Lights should also be tested and blown bulbs on the car replaced. An especially critical component in the safety of the vehicle is the headlamps. These make your car visible to others on the road. By walking around your vehicle, you can easily make sure your lights are in working order.

Windshield wiper blades that are cracked, cut, torn, or chattering should be replaced. Visibility is critical to safe driving. Check the level of wiper fluid so that bugs and streaking can be easily eliminated.

Finally, defrosting issues central to the car’s heating, including ventilation and air conditioning, should be checked.

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