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Communications Equipment Installer Receives $30M Settlement After 50-Foot Fall from a Pennsylvania Cell Tower

Cases that involve massive injuries often mean that the harm suffered is life-changing, which means an extended period (or even a lifetime) of lost wages and medical expenses. Securing a truly complete amount of compensation means obtaining an award for multiple different types of damages and may mean suing multiple parties. Giving the court all of the evidence needed to prove the full extent of your wide array of injuries is essential to getting all of the compensation you deserve. Additionally, being able to identify all of the defendants who should stand trial in your injury case is another key aspect of ensuring that you can recover the full amount that the court says you should receive. All of these things are areas in which the skill and experience of a knowledgeable Pennsylvania injury attorney may offer essential help to your case.

An example of a case involving multiple injuries and numerous types of harm was the accident suffered by Tommy. In the case, reported by LehighValleyLive.com, the worker was a man whose job involved installing telecommunications equipment on cell towers. While the man was working on a tower in the Allentown area on one June day, the ladder rung that was supporting him gave way. The man had received a safety harness and had tied himself off. Unfortunately, that rung didn’t hold either, and the man plummeted 50 feet to the ground below.

In Tommy’s case, he suffered multiple fractures to his pelvis, spine, arm, and legs as a result of his fall, according to the report. His injuries were so severe that he spent months in a coma. That almost inevitably meant that the amount of past medical expenses he incurred from his hospitalization was extremely large.

The worker also suffered a severe brain injury in the fall, which left him with profound cognitive harm. This type of serious brain injury can mean a lifetime of ongoing medical care in addition to a lifetime of personal nursing care to meet his needs. It also likely means that he will never be able to work in his old profession again. Proof of all of these things is necessary for evidence of future lost earnings and medical expenses.

Once you have accumulated all of this necessary evidence, you may be able to negotiate a beneficial settlement. There are many reasons why settling as opposed to litigating to the end may make sense for you. If the settlement offer is large enough, that may offer you a much-needed payment in quicker fashion as opposed to the stress and delays that might go with a full trial. In Tommy’s case, he and his family had moved to California, which would have added an extra layer of complication because his case was going forward in Philadelphia. Ultimately, the worker was able to negotiate a settlement of $30 million.

There are many pieces to the “puzzle” of a successful injury case, especially one in which the injuries suffered were serious or permanent. If you’ve been hurt and need to utilize the legal system to seek compensation, contact the Pennsylvania injury attorneys at Needle Law Firm. Our attorneys have been providing diligent and useful representation to injured clients for many years.

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