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Instant Pot Injuries In Pennsylvania: Can You Sue?


If you have suffered injuries due to a defective hot pot in Pennsylvania, you’re not alone. These devices have irrevocably altered the lives of countless consumers in the Keystone State – consumers that were victimized by negligent manufacturers. Americans are now learning that instant pot companies have abused their trust, knowingly distributing products that can burn, injure and maim. Can you really sue if you were injured by an instant pot in Pennsylvania?

Injuries Associated with Instant Pots and Pressure Cookers 

There are many injuries that may result from pressure cookers, instant pots, and similar devices. These might include:

  • Burns
  • Scars
  • Disfigurement
  • Bruises
  • Loss of eyesight
  • Death

How Do Instant Pot Injuries Occur? 

Instant pot injuries are almost always the result of negligent manufacturing, design, or marketing. These injuries occur when the contents of the pressure cooker are subjected to unsafe forces, causing the device to explode and spray hot fluid throughout the air. The contents of the pressure cooker might also include solid food that is also heated to an unsafe temperature.

Anyone in the vicinity of these explosions runs the risk of serious injuries. Even if the injuries are not life-threatening, they may cause life-altering consequences. For example, someone might suffer disfiguring facial burns that affect their mental health for the rest of their days. Even with reconstructive surgery, skin grafts, and other treatments, these victims may never truly heal. Facial injuries are especially common for those who were preparing food at the moment of the explosion – as their gaze may have been directed downward and toward the source of the blast.

How Many Instant Pots and Pressure Cookers Have Been Recalled? 

Many manufacturers and designers have been forced to recall pressure cookers, instant pots, and other kitchen appliances over the years. Companies continue to recall various devices on an almost weekly basis. Recently, Best Buy was forced to recall a certain brand of pressure cookers after the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported a number of safety issues. This pressure has incorrect markers that instruct consumers to overfill the pot, causing the ejection of hot liquids and foods. This in turn poses a serious burn and injury risk. Other recalls reported by the CPSC include:

  • Air fryers
  • Stovetop pressure cookers
  • Gas cooktops
  • Ice makers

How Do I Sue a Company for Causing Pressure Cooker Injuries? 

You can sue a negligent company if their products cause your injuries, and this is known as a product liability claim. Speaking with a Pennsylvania injury attorney for more detailed information about the legal process.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Injury Attorney in Pennsylvania? 

If you have suffered injuries due to instant pots or any other defective products, consider getting in touch with a qualified, experienced Scranton personal injury attorney. Choose the Needle Law Firm to review your situation and assess the most appropriate course of action. We understand that these injuries may have altered your life forever, causing medical expenses, missed wages, emotional distress, and many other damages. Book your consultation today to pursue fair compensation for these inexcusable losses.




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