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Scranton Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Personal Injury > Pennsylvania Motorists Suffer Injuries Due To Car Chases: Can They Sue?

Pennsylvania Motorists Suffer Injuries Due To Car Chases: Can They Sue?


A police chase is always an alarming sight. Seeing a police vehicle barrel past you at high speed reminds you of how dangerous a road can be. It also highlights the fact that police officers are often more than willing to drive dangerously in order to catch suspects. This is always a bit of a trade-off. On one hand, police may argue that the suspect poses more danger to the general public than the car chase itself. On the other hand, there are those who argue that putting people at risk to catch suspects simply isn’t worth it. The truth is that Pennsylvania motorists suffer injuries all the time due to car chases. But can they sue?

Deaths Are Common in Pennsylvania Police Chases 

On May 5th, it was reported that 3 people had lost their lives after a car chase in Lower Paxton Township. The “suspect vehicle” apparently reached speeds of 130 miles per hour before it crashed into a tree, killing everyone inside. Although it’s true that the owner of the vehicle had an outstanding felony warrant, one has to wonder whether the passengers inside truly deserved to die in this manner. Could the police have dealt with the situation differently, potentially saving the victims?

On May 8th, it was reported that a motorcycle chase had resulted in one fatality in Hamilton Township. The motorcyclist apparently committed some kind of “traffic violation” before being chased by officers. After fleeing, the motorcyclist hit a utility pole and suffered catastrophic injuries. Was this really necessary, given the fact that it all stemmed from a simple traffic violation? On May 10th, it was reported that police were chasing the driver of an SUV in Centre County when the vehicle crashed into an innocent motorist and another police cruiser.

Also on May 8th, it was reported that a police officer had apparently been fired for his involvement in a 12-mile police chase that caused one fatality and two serious injuries. The chase exceeded speeds of 100 miles per hour. The District Attorney was highly critical, stating:

“We could not gauge or assess whether or not the officer acted properly or in accordance with his training. As far as I’m concerned, he did not and I believe he was separated from his employment with West Homestead because of that.”

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Pennsylvania? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Scranton personal injury attorney, look no further than the Needle Law Firm. Whether you were injured in a car chase or a straightforward auto accident, you should always explore your legal options alongside a personal injury attorney. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries, and this can help you cover medical expenses, missed wages, emotional distress, and much more. Book your consultation today to get started.






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