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Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident in Northeastern Pennsylvania


Slip and fall accidents are far more common than people realize. While some incidents may not be anyone’s fault per se, that’s not the case in other accidents. In fact, your slip and fall might have been caused by a business’ or property owner’s negligence. Property owners and caretakers have a duty to keep their property reasonably safe for invited guests and visitors. This duty extends to owners of parking lots and sidewalks too. If you or someone you love is injured in a slip and fall accident, please contact an experienced  slip and fall lawyer.

It’s essential to take the proper steps after a slip and fall not to jeopardize a potential claim. Here is a look at some of the things you should do following a slip and fall accident.

Seek Medical Treatment

Your health should always be your top priority. If you fell and were injured, it’s crucial to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If you are not transported from the scene via ambulance, you should make an immediate appointment to see your primary care doctor. You want your injuries adequately documented. Your medical records could become critical pieces of evidence in a lawsuit.

Report the Fall

You need to report the fall. No matter where it occurred, you should report the accident to the property owner, landlord, business, etc. It’s also helpful to get the details in writing. If there is a way to complete an incident report, that report can be useful for insurance and claims purposes.

Document All Important Details

Start by collecting names, addresses, and other contact information for all potential witnesses. If you can get statements, it could help prove your claim down the line if you decide to pursue legal action. If possible, get photos of the scene and the exact location where you fell. It’s best if you can get the photos right after the accident and document the conditions at the time. Was there ice on the ground, spilled liquids, etc.? Was there another hazard on the floor, the staircase railing loose, uneven carpet?

Don’t Admit Fault

Refrain from giving anyone statements about the accident and admitting fault. If you do, the property owner’s insurance will try to use it against you. Don’t sign any documents they give you either. It’s entirely possible they will be trying to present you with a release of all claims in hopes you will sign it. If you do, they can close their case without paying you for your injuries or pain and suffering.

Meet with a Skilled Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

Retaining an attorney early on is also a crucial step after a slip and fall accident. You need someone on your side who can protect your rights. Proving negligence in a slip and fall claim is typically complicated. Businesses and property owners will not be quick to admit liability or offer you an amount that is close to what your case is worth. An attorney can take immediate action and help you fight for the compensation you deserve. To learn more about how a Northeastern Pennsylvania slip and fall attorney can assist you, contact the Needle Law Firm today to schedule an initial consultation.


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