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Victims In Pennsylvania Receive Billions Of Dollars From Negligent Companies


One plaintiff in Pennsylvania recently received a jury award of almost $1 billion, while another plaintiff received millions. Not only did both of these lawsuits occur around the same time, but they also shared another thing in common: They involved negligent companies causing injuries for innocent people. Plaintiffs often wonder how much money they’ll receive if they move forward with their lawsuits, and these two cases indicate that the rewards for taking legal action could be immense.

A Single Plaintiff Receives Almost $1 Billion after Defective Seat Belt Lawsuit 

On October 31st of 2023, it was reported that a jury in Philadelphia had decided to award an injured plaintiff with $977 million. The lawsuit centered around a defective seat belt manufactured by Mitsubishi, and this seatbelt apparently failed to protect the victim during a car crash. This failure left the plaintiff with serious spinal injuries resulting in quadriplegia. The bulk of the award is punitive in nature, as punitive damages make up a full $800 million of the overall sum.

The trial focused on a so-called “rip-switch” feature built into the Mitsubishi 3000 GT seat belt. Although this feature was designed to allow for better management of crash forces, the plaintiff’s attorneys successfully argued that it fails to accomplish this goal. Indeed, the argument was made that the feature actually increases dangers for vehicle occupants. In this specific case, the plaintiff’s head was able to impact the roof – causing the complete fracture of his neck vertebrae.

Pennsylvania Woman Receives Over $7 Million for Cooking Spray Burn 

Not long afterward on November 1st, it was reported that another Pennsylvania plaintiff had received over $7 million for a burn injury involving cooking spray. The incident – which occurred back in 2017 – left the plaintiff completely immolated after attempting to use her workplace kitchen. Conagra Brands is the manufacturer of the Pam cooking spray involved in this injury. According to the plaintiff, the spray can exploded without warning, causing a fireball to engulf her. Although she survived the accident, her body was covered in second-degree burns. Not only did this disfigure her, but it also continues to restrict her natural movements to this day.

This case also involved punitive damages, and in this case the amount was set at $4 million. Conagra and Pam remain in denial about the plaintiff’s claims, insisting that their products are not dangerous “when used correctly.” Many people are apparently suing Pam for similar injuries – with 50 pending cases across the nation. The issue seems to be a defecting venting system at the bottom of the spray cans that leads to a lower heat tolerance threshold.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Pennsylvania? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Scranton personal injury attorney, look no further than the Needle Law Firm. While these two payouts clearly indicate that lawsuits can be well worth your time, each case is different. To determine how much your personal injury case might be worth, it always makes sense to discuss your specific circumstances alongside a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney. Book your consultation to make these assessments with a measure of confidence and clarity.




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