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When Can I Sue A School In Pennsylvania?


Most parents assume that their children are safe at school, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Accidents can happen, and sometimes these accidents can lead to serious consequences for innocent children. While some accidents are unavoidable, others are caused by negligence. School staff have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of your children, and you can potentially sue them if they fail in this duty of care. But what are some specific examples of potential school lawsuits?

If you’d like to receive targeted, personalized legal advice, you should get in touch with a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in Pennsylvania at your earliest convenience. These legal professionals can help you understand the unique circumstances of your accident and whether a lawsuit might be possible. If a lawsuit is recommended, your attorney can then guide you towards a considerable financial settlement for everything you’ve been forced to endure.

Physical Injuries 

Perhaps most obviously, you can sue the school if they allow your child to suffer physical injuries. In order to achieve success with your lawsuit, you must show that staff members were guilty of negligence. The standards may be somewhat higher due to the unique nature of children. These young ones might run around the playground, fight each other, and suffer all kinds of scrapes and bruises as a result. Even the most diligent playground supervisors cannot be expected to prevent every single one of these injuries.

That being said, staff members do have a duty of care towards children, and they are expected to eliminate pre-existing hazards and obvious safety risks. For example, a soccer field that is littered with sharp objects may form the basis for a lawsuit – especially if the staff members knew about the hazards and did nothing to address the problem. 

Toxic Exposure 

Another possibility is to sue a school for toxic exposure. Many school buildings are incredibly old, and they may contain toxic materials such as asbestos, lead, and others. A child who becomes exposed to these toxins may suffer a wide range of health problems, and you are fully within your rights to sue in this situation. Again, your chances of success rise dramatically if you can prove that the school staff knew about the presence of these toxic materials and did nothing to address the problem. 


Sadly, we live in a time when abusive teachers are not all that rare. Whether your child has been sexually abused or physically abused, you can sue the school for allowing this conduct to occur. Not only can the teacher face criminal consequences for these actions, but the school itself can be held accountable for hiring an individual who was obviously a risk to small children.

Reach Out to Us Today for Help 

The dedicated Scranton personal injury lawyers at the Needle Law Firm are prepared to help you today. Over the years, we have assisted a wide range of injured victims, and we know how traumatic and life-changing these injuries can be. You deserve to take legal action against those who have allowed your child to become injured, so get in touch today to explore your options.



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