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Steakhouse Could Be Held Liable For Fatal Philadelphia Beating


Restaurant owners have a legal responsibility to protect patrons from all kinds of threats – including those posed by violent criminals. If a restaurant owner becomes aware of an emerging pattern of violence on their premises, they must take steps to address this hazard. This usually involves creating some kind of security plan. If they fail to take these steps, they could be held liable for any injuries – or deaths – that occur in the future. This is exactly what one steakhouse in South Philadelphia is experiencing.

Steakhouse Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit 

In 2021, a man was beaten to death outside a steakhouse in South Philadelphia. On September 14th of 2023, it was reported that his family had filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the steakhouse, alleging that the business failed to protect the victim. This is what’s known as a “negligent security” lawsuit, and it is commonly filed against businesses with a reputation of rowdy behavior, drinking, and criminal activities.

The family’s attorneys wrote:

“A family should be able to enjoy a cheesesteak free from the terror of an unprovoked and savage assault and with the assurance that the restaurant they are patronizing will take reasonable precautions for their safety.” 

The lawsuit also points out that the father was forced to watch his son’s fatal beating, leading to serious emotional distress and lasting trauma. The plaintiffs claim that “even the most basic safety measures” would have prevented this tragedy – placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of the steakhouse owners.

How Easy Is It to Win a Negligent Security Lawsuit? 

There are certainly many cases where negligent security lawsuits have been successful in Pennsylvania. However, there are many important requirements that plaintiffs must meet if they want to receive compensation for their injuries.

One requirement is to show that the business was aware of past violent acts on their property. Based on the aforementioned example, the family might need to establish that similar beatings had occurred outside the steakhouse in the past. This is necessary because the plaintiff must show that the defendant was aware of the threat and yet did nothing to address the clear safety hazard to the public.

A plaintiff might also show that the defendant should have been aware of the danger. In order to accomplish this, they might establish that the neighborhood surrounding the business has a particularly bad reputation for crime and violence.

Another option might be to show that the very nature of the business inherently attracts criminals and violent individuals. Usually, these threats are associated with bars, pubs, casinos, strip clubs, and almost any location where money and liquor flow freely late into the night.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Pennsylvania? 

If you were injured while visiting a restaurant, you may have the opportunity to pursue compensation. Speak with a Scranton personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options and determine whether a personal injury lawsuit is possible. Choose the Needle Law Firm to receive personalized advice and guidance during a consultation. Remember, property owners have a legal duty to protect your safety – whether you were injured by a fall, an attack, or any other accident. Book your consultation today to get started.




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