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What Are Interrogatories In A Pennsylvania Injury Lawsuit?


As a plaintiff in a Pennsylvania personal injury lawsuit, you may be required to provide various statements about the circumstances of your accident, your earning history, and various other subjects. One of the ways in which this information is collected is through interrogatories. As an injured victim who is approaching this legal process for the first time, this might seem like a complicated and daunting term. But as you will see, the basic concept is actually quite simple.

Interrogatories Explained 

An interrogatory is a list of questions submitted during the pre-trial discovery phase. During discovery, both parties in a personal injury lawsuit attempt to gather as much information as possible. One of the ways in which they do this is by asking questions. However, lawyers need to make sure that they receive truthful answers to their questions. This is why a more formal process is required.

Interrogatories are more than just a list of questions because the respondent must answer under oath. In order to add more reliability to their answers, respondents sign the interrogatory before returning it.

What Kinds of Questions Do Interrogatories Contain? 

Interrogatories may contain a wide range of questions, and the specifics depend on your lawsuit. If you are facing an interrogatory, you should expect to face scrutiny about your side of the story. Questions might challenge your recollection of the events, the reliability of your account, and any past issues that might raise doubts about your incentives for filing the lawsuit.

You might be asked about whether you have filed personal injury lawsuits in the past. You might also be asked about your medical history or your career. The defendant’s legal counsel may be attempting to establish that you have a history of filing frivolous injury lawsuits, making your claim unreliable. They might also be trying to show that you have pre-existing medical conditions, and that your injuries may have existed before the actual accident. Questions regarding your income may be geared toward finding out how many wages you have missed.

Defendants May Also Face Interrogatories 

Although facing an interrogatory may be daunting as an injured victim, it’s important to note that your personal injury lawyer can also send interrogatories to the defendant. In other words, you can use interrogatories to your advantage as well. These interrogatories can help you get to the bottom of alleged acts of negligence committed by the defendant. They might also help you determine whether they have caused injuries to other people in the past due to the same types of negligence.

Book Your Consultation with a Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer Today 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Scranton personal injury attorney, look no further than the Needle Law Firm. We know that phrases like “interrogatories” may seem quite complex, but a qualified lawyer can help you approach every step of your lawsuit. Book your consultation today to ask questions, receive guidance, and get started with an effective action plan.




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