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Scranton Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Medical Malpractice > Woman Provided Facial Reconstruction Surgery to Repair Damage from Cancer Misdiagnosis

Woman Provided Facial Reconstruction Surgery to Repair Damage from Cancer Misdiagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is a trying and often traumatic event in the lives of patients, but to undergo weeks and months of cancer treatment all to discover its misdiagnosis is a travesty. The intensity of unnecessary cancer treatment can cause serious, life-long injuries and require an equal amount of energy and money to repair. Whether you’re from Pennsylvania or outside the U.S., the financial, emotional, and physical burdens caused by radiation therapy and invasive surgeries can quickly become staggering.

Recently, a Ukrainian woman was featured in a report as the recipient of donated medical care to correct the severe deformities and disabilities caused by a misdiagnosis of cancer in her jaw. The woman was hit in the jaw at a basketball game, and the doctors discovered a lump in her jaw. The lump was originally diagnosed as cancer but later identified as a benign cyst. At the height of her original treatment, the woman was down to 79 pounds, homeless, and could only open her jaw a millimeter. Multiple procedures over the course of several months have already begun as doctors seek to replace missing sections of jaw with parts of her leg bone. The surgery costs are estimated to be over a million dollars, which has been graciously provided by a university surgeon in the U.S.

Within the last year, the Pennsylvania Superior Court issued a non-precedential decision that upheld an award of over 14 million dollars to the estate of a man who died after a misdiagnosis of a brain tumor. The misdiagnosed man sought medical care after suffering from severe headaches. A mass was found with diagnostic imaging and doctors at a hospital in West Virginia diagnosed him with gliobastoma multiform, an aggressive type of brain tumor, or possibly a brain abscess. He was diagnosed again at a university hospital in Pennsylvania with the same condition, and he was scheduled for surgery. While waiting for surgery, the man waited in a hospital unit and was supervised by the nursing staff. The day before surgery was scheduled, his pupils began to display an uneven size and he experienced substantial pain. The nurse noted that the uneven size of the pupils indicated increasing pressure on the brain on that side and called the doctor, who did not report to the hospital or conduct emergency surgery. The man’s condition worsened, and surgery was performed, but he eventually died. It was revealed that he actually had a brain abscess, and due to the lack of treatment, he suffered brain herniation.

The recent appellate case was actually considered for a second time before the Superior Court. The Superior Court had previously decided that, based on the evidence, he would have survived and returned to his lucrative position as an accountant. The second appeal of the second trial centered on the award of damages for the survival action. The Superior Court disagreed with the hospital’s attempt to have the jury re-litigate the issue. The Superior Court firmly re-established that the remand was to determine the amount of damages and not the settled point of law. The Superior Court also disagreed with the other issues raised by the hospital and physician, and it ultimately affirmed the trial court’s order and award to the estate of the deceased man.

If you or a family member has suffered from a cancer misdiagnosis and undergone expensive, unnecessary procedures, call the Pennsylvania cancer misdiagnosis attorneys at Needle Law Firm We have the knowledge and experience you need to hold the negligent physician and hospital accountable, and we will tirelessly work to maximize the recovery you deserve. For a free, confidential consultation today, call (570) 344-1266.

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